New Official Site of NEITHER!

Why, ‘ello there!

Welcome to the new official site of NEITHER! We’ve always been proud to be one of the representatives of SWFL black/death metal and felt we should have the site to go along with it. Our resident geek has been working long and hard getting this up and running, so if you happen to run into him on the street, buy him a beer! Let us know what you think of this site in the comments below!

The meat of the site is up and running but improvements, additions, and updates will be coming regularly, so bookmark us, grab the RSS feed, or submit you email address on the homepage to be notified of when new stuffs roll out. Currently, we’re working on getting our media organized so we can get some galleries of our live shows up, as well as fleshing-out the rest of the site, such as our bio’s and such. We have a store/shopping cart-system in development now but that will come a little later after we have gotten more products and downloads together for it.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and supporting us! Also, don’t forget to check back since we will be giving away some freebies on occasion, as well…


  • James

    looking cool

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